So beautiful! Reveals the first rendering of the “iPhone Ultra” with a titanium body similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

Following the release of information regarding the iPhone Ultra, which did not specify the model that it will replace, Nevertheless, the Titanium body’s specifics have not yet been made public.

Previous information from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman indicated that the new high-end iPhone will change its name from Pro Max to Ultra in 2024. Expect various chips, cameras, and screens. better Recently, a creative rendering of the designer Jonas Daehnert surfaced on Twitter.

The details appear to show that Daehnert is creating a design using, for instance, an iPhone and an Apple Watch Ultra. For instance, the Apple Watch Ultra has a well-designed Proflie button and an orange button on the side. The speaker is expected to come out straight. strong and with curved corners All of this is just a render; we must wait to see if the actual thing will be like this or not.

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