[How To] How to block dangerous SMS on Android phone that you can do easily

[How To] How to hinder hazardous SMS on Android telephone that you can do without any problem

Another risk that frequently comes the way that you may unintentionally squeeze SMS or short messages. that many individuals need to erase around many messages And there should be individuals contemplating whether our cell phones can fill and impede these messages or not.

Today, Sanook Hitech will acquaint ways with manage these messages.

For Android cell phones, you can introduce various SMS message getting programs. For this strategy, it utilizes Applications called Google Message. While entering, in the event that you find a message that you don’t need, you can press and hold > select the 3 spots on the right > press Block. (Block) right away

For how to check the messages that you have hindered or Spam , you can snap to see from the 3 lines on the left hand side. Decide to Spam and Chose Messages. Then, at that point, the messages in this gathering will be shown.

Be that as it may, showing spam SMS messages or undesirable messages, assuming you press Block frequently, it will make the framework more mindful and more intelligent and keep those messages from being seen by us .

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