Transfer money to the wrong account! Can you pull it back, don’t panic when you know how to fix it?

Have you of all time? At the point when we move cash to some unacceptable record both through an ATM Web Banking (Web) or Versatile Banking (Portable Banking) for the individuals who move cash to some unacceptable objective. or on the other hand move cash to some unacceptable sum Whether a circumstance compels you to hurry Or with delight without checking, causing botches without knowing.


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When we move cash to some unacceptable record Or move some unacceptable sum, how might we have an answer? Sanook Cash has great information tips for you.

In the event of moving cash to some unacceptable record and wrong sum
Data from the Bank of Thailand and the Monetary Buyer Security Center Bank of Thailand (BOT) expresses what is going on happens Revision ought to be finished as follows.

Report issues and submit significant proof. to the bank we use to move cash
The bank illuminates the time it takes to check the cash move.
The bank reached some unacceptable transferee to consent to discount
The bank educates the outcomes regarding the activity.
If the transferee consents to discount: the bank will move the cash back to the transferor’s record.
On the off chance that the transferee doesn’t consent to discount : The transferor can answer to the police. to give a legitimate request for the beneficiary’s bank to freeze the record or to reveal account data to the police for additional lawful activity
In the event that others move cash to us to some unacceptable record
Assuming somebody reaches us from the bank illuminating us that some unacceptable cash has been moved into our record Ought to at first check regardless of whether there is an irregularity. to forestall being bamboozled by hoodlums

Ask what bank it’s from. Prepared to request name-last name Telephone number that can be reached back
As far as it goes should tell the issue emerging from the exchange. Significant data should be indicated like date, time, sum, move technique like Portable Banking and other proof. As opposed to requesting individual data from us.
As far as it goes provoked us to check the record proclamation instead of surging us to move the cash back alone.
From that point forward, we need to check the record whether there is cash moved as somebody called to inform us or not. Assuming there is Web Banking or Versatile Banking, we can check right away. In the event that not, check the cash move at an ATM. or on the other hand update the record book too

Assuming you check and observe that the cash was truly moved to some unacceptable record and it’s not exactly your cash, you should move the cash back to the record holder. Whenever disregarded, the proprietor of the cash can sue for cash back from us.

In case of an error from a bank that moves cash to some unacceptable record
The bank can alter the data without anyone else. Assuming there is a blunder from the staff by entering some unacceptable record number or wrong sum That representative should contact the transferee to demand that the cash be moved back.

Nonetheless, the most effective way to forestall issues is to check that the cash move data is right. prior to affirming the cash move each time What are the records and proof that should be ready for the bank to investigate? Subtleties can be found on the site of the FCC 1213.

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