ChatGPT, an AI that will make office workers lose their jobs

The launch of “ChatGPT” in November 2022 has caused a lot of panic in education circles. Because this artificial intelligence or AI chatbot has been developed to have expertise in conversation. Text communication with humans naturally. To the extent that “ChatGPT” has been used to write articles or official statements.


Thanks to this artificial intelligence chatbot, it has a large, fine-tuned language model. Including mastering techniques for learning to use language for communication in depth. has made conversations with chatbots via ChatGPT feel like talking to a real human, while the depth of language can be chosen appropriately. Makes educators worry that in the future High school students choose to use ChatGPT for their homework. Because ChatGPT’s ability can be written from short stories, essays, songs, or even simple programming codes to help solve mathematical questions. and used to compile in the translation of the document

Microsoft founder Bill Gates stated that Artificial intelligence technology, known as ChatGPT, will replace white collar workers. Microsoft has become a major investor in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

Thanks to ChatGPT’s ability to quickly gain access and membership, in just 2.5 months, ChatGPT has already reached 1 million downloads. This is very fast for Online Services in the same way as ChatGPT, while the social media platform has the fastest loading Instagram. But it still took ChatGPT more than 2.5 months, while Netflix took 3.5 years to reach 1 million subscribers.

Which is downloaded to use with a number of users reaching one million quickly. Shows that there is a need for artificial intelligence to help with work. and learning in the current era how much And what Bill Gates has warned that ChatGPT will come to steal office workers That doesn’t have any special abilities, it’s not too far-fetched. While educators who are concerned that modern children will use ChatGPT as a tool for exams and homework are not exaggerated. which in the end undeveloped human being will be snatched away from work by AI can’t help it ever

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