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charge discount as of now When will I get my cash back? Beginning from recording a structure for pay individual annual duty For documenting paper structures at various locale income workplaces in the 2022 fiscal year, individual personal government forms P.N.D. 90/91, fiscal year 2022 should be recorded from today until April 10, 2023, just the structure no. submit by means of web


What is an expense discount? Who can get a duty discount?

Each year, all procuring residents should document their duties with the Income Division. The pace of net gain is set at 150,000 baht or more. To get an expense discount , the individuals who are qualified for a duty discount should be deducted more than they need to pay. with advance portion charge Yet when now is the ideal time to document your expenses back, you observe that your overall gain is inside the tax-exempt limit, in which case you can apply for a duty discount.

Guarantee a duty discount through which channel

PromptPay account connected to ID card number

Investment accounts of Krung Thai Bank and the Bank for Horticulture and Farming Cooperatives (BAAC)
For the requestor who can’t enroll for PromptPay with a 13-digit ID number, the Income Division will give a letter Kor. discount to be credited to a store account at a bank office as it were
Time span for charge discount
The Income Division will handle the expense discount in the span of 90 days in the event that there are clear records showing that Has paid charge in overabundance, committed an error, more than once or has no obligation to pay From the date of receipt of a solicitation for a duty discount with a P.N.D. 90/91 structure mentioning a duty discount or a Kor.10 structure in the event that you neglect to present an expense discount in the wake of presenting an assessment Citizens can demand a check for charge discounts. However, the duty discount period should not surpass a long time from the due date of expense documenting.

The most effective method to check the situation with your expense form

For the people who have previously recorded charges and there is a discount of the saved portion charge which has been mentioned for an expense discount And until now, I actually haven’t gotten a duty discount check from the Income Division. You can check the situation with your assessment discount. which step is presently and the Income Office requires extra records or not On the grounds that there are certain individuals who haven’t gotten the cash back since they haven’t sent extra reports as indicated by the division’s warning.

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