surprised! Today’s gold price, 1/26/26, 1-2 times up 100 baht, catch the rhythm of buying-selling gold well.

amazed! The present gold cost, 1/26/26, 1-2 times up 100 baht, get the cadence of purchasing selling gold well.

The Gold Exchange Affiliation detailed that ” Gold Cost Today ” opens the morning market on Thursday, January 26, 2023 at 10:18 a.m., opening the market for the first second time, the cost of gold expanded by 100 baht.

Gold cost today 26 January 2023, cost of gold trimmings and cost of gold bars
Cost of a gold bar : purchase 29,950.00 baht per baht, sell out 30,050.00 baht per baht

Cost of gold adornments : purchasing cost 29,410.40 baht per baht weight, selling cost 30,550.00 baht per baht weight

Gold cost today 2 salung or 50 satang
2 salung gold bars, purchased for 14,975 baht, sold for 15,025 baht.

Gold adornments 2 salung , purchased for 14,705.2 baht, sold for 15,275 baht.

gold cost today 1 salung
1 Salung of gold bars, purchased for 7,487.5 baht, sold for 7,512.5 baht.

Gold adornments, 1 salung , purchased for 7,352.6 baht, sold for 7,637.5 baht.

Gold cost today 1/2 Salung (half Salung)
Gold bar 1/2 salung : purchase for 3,743.75 baht, sell for 3,756.25 baht

Gold adornments, 1/2 salung , purchased for 3,676.3 baht, sold for 3,818.75 baht.

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