NEX is bustling with the EV market trend in 2023, delivering at least 6,000 vehicles, targeting revenues of over 25 billion baht.

NEX is clamoring with the EV market pattern in 2023, conveying somewhere around 6,000 vehicles, focusing on incomes of north of 25 billion baht.

Mr. Kanis Srivachiraprapa CEO of Next Point Public Organization Restricted or NEX uncovered that the 100 percent electric vehicle (EV) market is turning out to be more dynamic. It tends to be seen from the vehicle creators that enter the market in Thailand. along with the public authority’s approach that energizes the utilization and creation of EVs in the country more The Public Electric Vehicle Board or the EV Board has set rules and measures as per the 30@30 arrangement, which in the second period of the year 2023-2025 will foster the electric vehicle industry. The objective is to deliver 225,000 EVs in traveler vehicles and pickups, 360,000 cruisers, and 18,000 transports/trucks by 2025, including the creation of batteries. to meet homegrown creation Hence, I’m certain that the pattern of utilizing EV vehicles will increment step by step.

It is likewise seen that electric vehicles for business use. There will be more chances to develop too. In 2024, the Modern Item Principles Board (TIS) has a goal to push for the Euro 5 discharge standard inside January 1, 2024 to assist with diminishing the emanation of hurtful substances from motors, for example, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and how much particulate poisons or residue PM 2.5 influences trucks and transports. Diesel motors should be outfitted with extra hardware, remembering a diesel particulate channel for the diesel motor. which will make the cost of diesel vehicles or electric vehicles not vastly different While electric vehicles will save money on fuel costs and make all the more value for the money.

NEX President additionally said that NEX targets income in 2023 at 2.5 billion baht, hoping to have the option to convey something like 6,000 electric vehicles, everything being equal, including electric transports. electric farm hauler Electric trucks (e-Truck) will likewise send off five new sorts of electric vehicle items: 6-wheel electric trucks, 10-wheel electric trucks, electric vans, electric get trucks and electric visit transports. This will assist with supporting deals to increment income as set. Simultaneously, it is likewise pushing ahead with an arrangement to extend the second electric vehicle gathering plant as a result of the electric vehicle gathering plant under Outright Gathering Co., Ltd. (AAB) in the space of Boycott Pho Locale. Chachoengsao Region It at present has a most extreme creation limit of 9,000 units each year while the creation request has surpassed its ability. Subsequently, growing the subsequent factory is essential.

For the advancement of building an electric vehicle plant, the second will be implicit the region of the Blue Tech City Modern Home Undertaking, Chachoengsao Territory, as a joint venture with Energy Outright Open Organization Restricted or EA. It is normal that the speculation will be around 5 billion baht and in 2023, it ought to begin driving heaps for development. alongside speeding up the development to be finished in 2025 so it can begin delivering vehicles as per client arranges quickly With a creation limit of 50,000 vehicles each year, which will make in 2025 the organization will have a complete electric vehicle creation limit of roughly 60,000 vehicles each year.


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