You know “Bondee” more than a mobile game, but it’s a social network where you can be anyone.

You know “Bondee” in excess of a portable game, yet it’s an informal organization where you can be anybody.

For individuals searching for new portable games to play A piece in vogue today, Sanook Hitech takes you to know Bondee that is very famous and how it plays. where to download We carry you to encounter one another.

What is Bondee?

Bondee Application is an application that is both an informal organization and a portable game in one. By making the handset extremely appealing and bother free. This game mimics life through numerous adaptable characters. What’s more, design the room as you like and have a spot to demonstrate your own status. Go on experiences via ocean and add companions to in a split second talk

game establishment

So how does this game play?
The most effective method to play this game, other than downloading and introducing, enlisting by means of telephone number and filling in private data and secret word, there will be extra strides as follows

Enhance the room where you are found: can transfer pictures from your cell phone as backdrop to enrich, we can pick the arrangement of furniture.

Experience outside : It’s the main capability that we can compose text, add photographs into glass bottles, toss into the ocean for others to gather and show also.

Adding companions: view Ra as ready to talk with up to 50 companions and in the event that adding companions will be in our room right away.
Recording: can be made into a QR Code that can be shipped off companions to sweep, add, and furthermore talk with different companions. What’s more, can dress as you like and have music that is not difficult to pay attention to the entire day game play

One might say that another game makes variety in playing great. Doesn’t zero in much on gathering Levels. It’s even more a social game. So anyone with any interest at all, remember to download and attempt to play the game from here on out.


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