Dissecting the satellite business after the auction ends ‘Private-State’, the benefits are perfect

satellite circle sell off that time There are 3 members chose: 1. Space Tech Development Organization Restricted, an auxiliary of Thaicom Public Organization Restricted 2. Public Media communications Public Organization Restricted or NT and 3. Brief Specialized Administrations Co., Ltd.

The closeout finished rapidly toward the beginning of the day round at 11:46 a.m. after the main orbital offers opened at 10:00 a.m. “Not past the signifying” and went by Lieutenant General Thanaphan Raicharoen, overseer of the NBTC, answered in coordinating this bartering. at any point expressed that It ought to carry around 800 million baht into the state.

The bartering results are: first set, position 50.5 E, nobody submits request, second set, position 78.5 E, Space Tech Advancement Co., Ltd. won the bid at 380.02 million baht, third set, position 119.5 E, S Organization. Pace Tech Advancement Co., Ltd. won the bartering at 417.41 million baht, fourth set, position 126 E, Public Telecom Public Organization Restricted or NT won the sale at 9.08 million baht, fifth set, position 142 E, nobody present a prerequisite

Satellites dislike cells.

Altogether, 5 arrangements of sales, 3 sets were sold out , the Workplace of the NBTC had the option to send cash to the state around 806 million baht, which was at that point hypothesized. Since the bartering of satellite circles isn’t observable. Or on the other hand there is no high contest like the range sale of “portable camps” that thump the costs like there’s no tomorrow. Short-term Set a standard for the expense of 5G range at 90,000 million baht, the most costly on the planet.

Since the models for the bartering of satellite circles discover that who will qualify Should be a specialist and have been working in such a way previously, so any individual who has at any point done a satellite business in Thailand, the response is Thaicom and NT as it were. Since every individual has an objective in circle as of now. It’s called not covering business lines.

Get to know satellite sorts

Normally satellites are ordered into 3 kinds as indicated by their range from the Earth. Circle position (Circle) as follows: Low Earth Circle (LEO) is around 500-2,000 kilometers high from the Earth. is becoming well known on the grounds that it gives correspondence benefits Fast web at a lower cost

Medium Earth Circle (MEO) is 7,500 kilometers from Earth.

furthermore, fixed circle (Geostationary Earth Circle: GEO) is around 36,000 kilometers high from the Earth, moving at a similar speed as the Earth moving around itself. We hence call this satellite a fixed circling satellite. which the sale of the workplace The NBTC that happens is all GEO satellites.

The picture of the opposition doesn’t change hands.

Assuming you take a gander at the arrangement of bundles that Space Tech won the offering in the second and third arrangements of 7.41 million baht, which is the first circle set, Thaicom, the parent organization, offers types of assistance under the Thaicom 4 (IPSTAR) concession contract. what’s more, the Thaicom 5 and Thaicom 6 satellites, which Thaicom works as a counterparty to the homegrown correspondences satellite activity contract with DES. The agreement time frame is a long time from September 11, 1991 – September 10, 2021, and the responsibility for satellites is moved to property. 6 of the public authority’s has proactively been given, complete worth north of 20,000 million baht.

Subsequently, the primary sale from the NBTC in history It’s like opening and broadening the breath for Thaicom, it ought not be off-base. Since Thaicom has kept on working a similar business. What’s more, can turn into a colleague with NT since now NT acknowledges move of resources from Thaicom to make due

Get future changes

“Pathomphob Suwansiri” CEO of Thaicom said that triumphant this bartering as per the pre-arranged strategy to make another satellite for administration This is considered to construct certainty for both homegrown and unfamiliar clients who will get nonstop help. This new satellite task It likewise adds to the help and foundation for business development.

as well as assisting with creating administrations to help changes in satellite and space innovation later on in the mean time Thaicom is prepared to distribute satellite stations for government organizations to utilize. as per the circumstances set by the NBTC to help people in general and the public authority

Rath Somjai has its own satellite.

Concerning “NT”, the fourth arrangement of satellite sell-offs with a beginning cost of just 8 million baht and the sale cost of 9 million baht spread the word about NT as Continuing as indicated by the Bureau meeting (Bureau) on December 13, 2022 that the Bureau supported the draft Public Space Ground breaking strategy. 2023-2037 and supported the rule of having its own public interchanges satellite

The objective is to send off a satellite in no less than three years to drive the public authority’s space strategy into concrete. public correspondences satellite It is in accordance with the public authority’s approach to have satellites for government organizations that can direct and oversee themselves. for use in broad daylight, security and business administrations

At long last, if to reason that This bartering of satellite circles made it workable for the three gatherings to benefit as per their own goals, it wouldn’t be a significant slip-up on the grounds that both Thaicom, NBTC, and the public authority were all mutually beneficial successes.


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