“The world of Alec Chanakorn” showcases digital art works of special children.

first time! with a show of advanced fine arts “Alek Chanakorn’s Reality” under the idea You can do it I can make it happen. “Chanakorn Pukasap” who found himself from the universe of creative mind to an essayist Recount stories through letters in the web-based world. In another visit story application With his most memorable work, Paper Heart (Paper Heart), which has a lot of devotees. Prepared to expand on the work as advanced canvases on the JNFT stage by a caring grown-up, Phi Kid – Worapoj Tarasirisakul, Head of Innovation, J Adventures Co., Ltd., the engineer of JNFT Commercial center, a Thai NFT exchanging stage. support and connecting the attempts to be ready as computerized stamps, I-Stamp.

Meet! “Alec Chanakorn’s Reality” Find out about existence on the way of a unique kid. who might want to welcome everybody to endlessly encounter the universe of creative mind through Alec’s work Prepared to draw a live sharing time thoughts, perspectives, pictures, and the utilization of various shades of light, which might assist with rousing youngsters with extraordinary necessities and guardians whose kids are unique kid gatherings and overall population which opens for an exceptional round on Thursday, January 12, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. onwards and is open for nothing on Youngsters’ Day 13-14 January 2023 from 11:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Am Park Chula Soi 9 Study hall Business Line and Life second floor

The feature region will be separated into 2 zones comprising of

Alek’s Reality No.1: Composing Paper Heart Paper Heart
Alek’s Reality No.2: Advanced Craftsmanship You can make it happen, I can get it done. #Don’t surrender

exceptional! The occasion additionally sells I-Stamps portraying Alek Chanakorn’s works, with all returns from the stamp deals going to Mentally unbalanced Thai Establishment To carry pay to advance and foster the personal satisfaction of kids with extraordinary requirements. Since I accept that this gathering of youngsters has potential and capacity. simply allow me an opportunity And understanding and support to have the option to live unreservedly in the public eye with equivalent respect like ordinary individuals.

Mr. Worapoj Tharasirisakul, Head of Innovation, J Adventures Co., Ltd. said, “as a matter of fact, mentally unbalanced kids, according to a great many people, may believe that they are peculiar. All things considered, they are skilled in numerous areas, similar to, or shockingly better than, non-mentally unbalanced individuals. In any case, in particular, kind grown-ups can help restore and uphold kids with mental imbalance.

To have different works emerged to society As today, J Adventures has upheld Alek to give grandstand space. It is our most memorable exceptional youngsters’ maker. which isn’t out of pity Yet we anticipate Alec’s inventive potential that isn’t lost to typical individuals. Accordingly, I would like the general public to furnish chances to have space with extraordinary kids on an equivalent premise with others.”


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