Don’t forget to stop by this evening to refuel, adjust the “oil price” for all types of gasohol. Except the diesel remains the same.

Remember to come by tonight to refuel, change the “oil cost” for a wide range of gasohol. But the diesel continues as before.

Gasohol clients are miserable, “PTT Station” and “Bangchak” reported an expansion in “oil costs”, gasohol bunch 30 satang, and high-premium 97 items and “diesel” bunch, the cost continues as before. There is an outcome at 5 tomorrow.

On January 12, 2023, journalists revealed that PTT Station and Bangchak Petrol Public Organization Restricted or BCP declared an expansion in oil costs. A wide range of gasohol bunch 30 satang/liter, while the “diesel” bunch, a similar cost, compelling from 5:00 a.m. on December 15, 2022.

At the new costs are as per the following: GSH95S EVO at 34.75 baht/liter, GSH91S EVO at 34.48 baht/liter, GSH E20S EVO at 32.84 baht/liter, GSH E85S EVO at 33.29 baht/liter, Hey Diesel B20S at 34.94 baht. /liter, Howdy Diesel S is at 34.94 baht/liter, Hello Diesel S B7 is at 34.94 baht/liter, Hey Premium Diesel S B7 is at 42.24 baht/liter (these costs do exclude the nearby upkeep charge in Bangkok).


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