Cut the income of “Diamond Millennium”, a diamond shop that used to win the lottery. The real owner is this person!

Cut the pay of “Precious stone Thousand years”, a jewel shop that used to score that sweepstakes. The genuine proprietor is this individual!

Get to know Lady Phet Container year shop who used to score that sweepstakes for 24 million baht. The genuine proprietor is this individual!

who is the lottery Follow the fortunate quantities of celebrities. What’s more, as per the news, individuals who scored that sweepstakes, the enormous award ought to be recognizable Or have seen the introductions of numerous news sources, ought to be know all about the proprietor of a renowned gems business who won first award in how much 4 tickets worth 24 million baht in the period October 1, 2022 previously. The well known show ” Huge M Krittarit Butprom ” was likewise involved.

Madame Phet, thousand years, scored that sweepstakes 24 million baht , uncovering the fortunate numbers for this draw, purchase as per the recipe, cautioning to play with cognizance.
Did you had any idea that Thousand years Precious stone Shop who claims and pay – benefit How has your business been previously? Sanook Cash has checked the data of a jewel shop called Precious stone Thousand years from the information base of the Division of Business Improvement. Service of Business Through Creden Information’s far reaching organization information investigation framework, it was found that long term precious stone shop Enrolled as a juristic individual as PW Pearls and Jewel Organization Restricted with the accompanying subtleties:

PW Pearls and Precious stone Co., Ltd. was enlisted on October 28, 2016 with the name of Ms. Phet Panpee. Apimaha Chokpaisan who used to be in the news that he scored the first to fourth sweepstakes ticket straight, was one of the Governing body Notice of business when enlisted as a gems retailer while submitting budget summaries for the last year Illuminating the reason that it is a retail offer of new auto parts and embellishments As of now, the enrolled capital is 5 million baht with the past presentation as follows:

Year 2016, pay 491.38 baht, misfortune 14,508.62 baht
Year 2017 Pay 61,636.99 baht Benefit 46,636.99 baht
Year 2018, pay 69,760.08 baht, benefit 54,760.08 baht
Year 2019, pay 73,795.22 baht, benefit 58,795.22 baht
Year 2020, pay 66,990.93 baht, benefit 49,490.93 baht
What’s more, it was tracked down that Ms. Phet Dish year Apimaha Chokpaisan One of the governing body holds 3,590 portions of the organization with an offer worth of 3,730,135 baht and holds 71.80% of the organization’s portions.


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