The illustration “Moore’s Return” can’t be rehashed. request the destroying of the entire interaction from upstream to downstream

The illustration “Moore’s Return” can’t be rehashed. request the destroying of the entire interaction from upstream to downstream

The Stock Trade of Thailand has sent off a 3-year smart course of action (2023-2025) through 4 procedures, pushing ahead to change the stock exchanging rules, taking examples from “Tamil November” on account of Morreturn shares , which prompted a default on the stock installment once. History adding up to 4,000 million baht, making harm intermediaries and the Thai capital market. It can’t be rehashed and should change the interaction from upstream to downstream.

Mr. Pakorn Peetathawatchai Chief and Director Stock Trade of Thailand alongside senior leaders mutually reported SET masterful course of action for the following 3 years (2023-25) that will plan to expand the seriousness of the Thai capital market. Alongside advancement for maintainability concerning climate, society and great administration. for the capital market to help all areas Both business areas, capital business sectors, society and the country through four key procedures: 1. Make the capital market simple. By expanding subsidizing open doors, expecting to energize organizations, everything being equal, both little, medium and huge, to exploit the capital market all the more effectively and more likewise, it will foster the Thai Computerized Resource Exchanging Center (TDX) as a stage for exchanging advanced tokens.

2. Increasing expectations for the capital market industry by fostering the exchanging arrangement of the market New protections inside the main quarter of 2023, including refreshing pertinent exchanging rules. furthermore, in accordance with changing economic situations On account of exchanging shares More Return Public Organization Restricted (MORE) that was uncommon and prompted a default of 4,000 million baht for the acquisition of offers that happened in November ’22 or “Nov. .Tamil” is another notable occasion that has harmed specialists. furthermore, the Thai capital market should figure out how to keep such occurrences from reoccurring

The cycle has been considered from upstream to downstream. Since the standards for tolerating protections of both SET, mai to be recorded, changing the models for exchanging, settlement and conveyance of protections as well as the method involved with confirming exchanging data Including altering the measures for utilizing significant data, for example, holding shares, reaching protections organizations or intermediaries. Counting the credit authority arrangement of different protections organizations

3. Match accomplices for collaboration by creating data scattering through the Savvy Commercial center and gathering natural, social and administration (ESG) information of recorded organizations on the ESG Information Stage beginning from Information will be distributed in the second quarter of 2023. Also, ESG Appraisals will be created to help the send off of ESG-Connected capital market items.

4. Stick to manageability as the hub to drive work (Union ESG with substance) by E or Natural Foster ESG staff in capital business sectors and instructive foundations through the ESG Institute and foster the Environment Care Stage to cover ecological administration and accomplice associations. by the Stock Trade of Thailand It likewise plans to accomplish net zero ozone harming substance emanations or Net Zero, S or Social, advancing monetary education for retired people and low-pay bunches through the LiVE Stage and G or Administration, speeding up administrative enhancements. Proper and predictable with the ongoing circumstance Foster powerful administrative apparatuses to help new items. as well as organizing with government and administrative organizations. to drive the capital market advancement over the long haul mutually.


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