Bangkok – Hua Seng Heng Invite you to save gold through the GOLD NOW app, starting at only 1,000 baht.

Bangkok – Hua Seng Heng Welcome you to save gold through the GOLD NOW application, beginning at just 1,000 baht.

Mr. Chansak Fuangfu Chief VP Bangkok Bank Public Organization Restricted said that the bank has worked with Hua Seng Heng. As a forerunner in the gold market, further collaboration between them To foster monetary administrations that meet the interests of gold venture and online gold reserve funds Catch new ages, purchase, sell, save gold effectively, can do it continuously You can pay and have gold in your portfolio right away. With respect to the individuals who sell gold, they will likewise get cash right away. Gold can be contributed through the GOLD NOW application from 5 baht gold and no security is required. or on the other hand less cash can be contributed Begin saving gold for just 1,000 baht with the Save Presently highlight.

The feature is accommodation and speed. You can open a venture account through the face filtering framework and begin purchasing, selling, saving gold right away. furthermore, can really decide to get gold bars It is additionally advantageous in light of the fact that exchanges can be made by means of advanced channels anyplace. Simply connect to a Bangkok Bank store represent trading gold, and new clients can open an e-Bank account by means of versatile banking. from Bangkok Bank can do likewise

For the people who put resources into gold through the GOLD NOW application by connecting it to a Bangkok Bank store account, there is no expense for programmed charging exchanges to pay for gold. from 27 Apr. – 31 Oct. ’22

Previously, the bank has additionally gotten great participation from Hua Seng Heng. well established colleagues and keep on expanding on participation between them all the time Including administrations through GOLD NOW this time that will assist with making a decent monetary and speculation experience. It’s a commendable other option. Furthermore, will clearly address the issues of existing and new clients.

Beforehand, Bangkok Bank and Hua Seng Heng In 2020, the two associations mutually fostered a help stage called Hua Seng Heng USD Gold Exchange, putting resources into 99.99 Gold bullion exchanging. Spot in USD by means of Unfamiliar Cash Store Record (FCD) Bangkok Bank which is the initial time in Thailand

Such venture things will allude to Live Gold Spot gold costs continuously to assist with decreasing expenses from the tension and unpredictability of the baht. from changes in return rates Since there is compelling reason need to change over the money into baht each time an exchange is made. make more incentive for financial backers Incorporating more comfort with online exchange administrations

Mr. Thanarat Pasawong CEO Hua Seng Heng Gathering expressed that with the GOLD NOW application that can address the issues of additional open clients of all sexual orientations and ages, more comfort, gold can be traded anyplace the nation over. any place you are which doesn’t need to remain in a long line like previously

Particularly during the period when gold costs change incredibly. It’s likewise simple to apply and exchange rapidly. Ready to sell gold and get compensated in a flash thus, the criticism of the new item, Saving Presently, got preferable criticism over anticipated. Likes clients particularly Remembering a huge increment for how much GOLD NOW memberships bringing about the buy volume Financial backer’s deals of gold have expanded with expanding numbers. Accordingly, to expand the accommodation for clients. We thusly help out Bangkok Bank. Open a purchasing selling channel By adding choices to admittance to gold, stable resources During different circumstances The worldwide unpredictability keeps on improving.


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