Hackers have obtained the email addresses and phone numbers of 200 million Twitter users.

Programmers have acquired the email locations and telephone quantities of 200 million Twitter clients.

A programmer posted on the gathering said it had gotten to the email and telephone quantities of in excess of 200 million Twitter clients, if valid, in one more significant hack in the tech world. The hack occurred before Elon Musk claimed Twitter.

Alon Gaul, prime supporter of Hudson Rock, an Israeli network safety organization. Uncovered on the LinkedIn site (LinkedIn), virtual entertainment work that Programmers have taken Twitter client information. which incorporates email And in excess of 200 million telephone numbers, programmers posted this accomplishment on a programmer gathering.

After this issue was uncovered by Alon Gol on the Twitter side. The proprietor of the world’s most renowned web-based entertainment stage. would not address questions And it’s not satisfactory assuming this has been managed.

to examine this matter It’s difficult to discern whether the data posted on programmer discussions is real. also, is it truly from twitter?

Concerning the programmers who took the information this season of Twitter As per the case, it isn’t clear who or what bunch the programmers are.

However, assuming it follows that Programmers are probably going to get to Twitter information at some point in 2021, which is before Elon Musk took over Twitter.


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