Foxconn puts strict measures against COVID-19 Even though the lockdown in Zhengzhou has ended.

Foxconn sets severe measures against Coronavirus Despite the fact that the lockdown in Zhengzhou has finished.

The monetary local area of Zhengzhou City in China has gotten back to typical life. In the wake of shutting the lockdown city to a limited extent, Foxconn ‘s iPhone 14 processing plant affirms that it keeps on putting more extraordinary measures.

Zhengzhou city home to the biggest iPhone 14 production line on the planet The city has declared the finish of the lockdown. Bringing about the typical life by and by

In any case, numerous areas of Zhengzhou City were delegated high-risk. Subsequently, individuals in the space are limited from moving. A PCR test is required. Can’t eat in the café. counting understudies concentrating on through internet based channels

In the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Expert creation region of the Foxconn plant. It has been assigned as an impermanent regulation region to stay away from the spread of the infection. Regardless of whether it’s a little troublesome On the grounds that the production line utilizes up to 300,000 individuals, that is the place of most prominent worry for Apple.

from the Zhengzhou nearby government to the Bang Center Provinces of China There is severity in the arrival of Coronavirus. Accordingly, the homegrown economy dialed back.

It additionally incorporates the development of the iPhone 14, particularly the iPhone 14 Genius and iPhone 14 Expert Max models must be postponed. Which right now the conveyance requires up to 4-5 weeks of all time.

Simultaneously, there are reports that Foxconn is dealing with issues with workers escaping the processing plant. To try not to be restricted to the processing plant as it were. influence the creation interaction

consequently Foxconn expanded its motivations by giving every representative an additional 500 yuan and quadrupling the day to day worker reward to 400 yuan.

စားသောက်ဆိုင်တစ်ခုတွင် ပန်းကန်းဆေးရသော အလုပ်သမားဘဝလေးမှ လစဉ်ဝင်ငွေသန်းချီပြီး ရရှိသူဖြစ်လာခဲ့သည့် အမျိုးသား

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