CES 2023: Sony Divulges Undertaking Leonardo, a PS5 Regulator for Players with Incapacities

CES 2023: Sony Divulges Undertaking Leonardo, a PS5 Regulator for Players with Incapacities

Sony at the Buyer Hardware Show (CES) 2023, has uncovered another regulator project called the Task Leonardo — an exceptionally adaptable regulator unit for the PlayStation 5 that is intended to make gaming more open for players with handicaps.

Project Leonardo is intended to permit players with handicaps to effectively, easily, and for longer periods, mess around without the requirement for extra arrangement or design.

PlayStation’s new Venture Leonardo regulator expects to resolve normal issues experienced by gamers with unfortunate engine control like difficulty holding a regulator for a lengthy timeframe, having inconvenience precisely squeezing little fastens or sets off, or experiencing difficulty situating fingers perfectly positioned on a standard regulator.

It is intended to be a parted, even regulator that permits players to modify the position of the simple sticks. Its level, without hands configuration can be utilized on a tabletop or wheelchair plate, and it very well may be gotten to AMPS mounts or stands for added strength.


Equipment Customization – The unit incorporates various swappable parts, for example, simple stick covers and fastens of various shapes and sizes, which can be utilized to make different control designs, and players can calibrate the distance between the simple stick and the gamepad can be acclimated to the player’s inclination. These parts permit players to track down a design that works for their singular strength, scope of movement, and actual requirements.

Programming customizations – It additionally can plan buttons to any upheld capability, different buttons can be planned to a similar capability, and store various control profiles, players can without much of a stretch switch between their favored settings and profiles whenever.

Dynamic Nature – Task Leonardo can be utilized alone or in blend with extra Venture Leonardo or DualSense regulators. Up to two Undertaking Leonardo regulators and one DualSense regulator can be matched to work as a solitary virtual regulator, permitting players to tweak their arrangement or play cooperatively with others.

Sony, in a blogpost, said, “For instance, players can expand their DualSense regulator with an Undertaking Leonardo regulator or utilize two Venture Leonardo regulators all alone.” And, whenever required, “A companion or relative can likewise help by assisting with controlling the player’s down character with a DualSense regulator or a second Task Leonardo regulator. The regulators can be powerfully turned on or off and utilized in any mix.”

The regulator additionally includes four 3.5mm AUX ports that will permit clients to associate outer switches and availability embellishments.

“Since players can redo Undertaking Leonardo as per their necessities, there is nobody ‘right’ structure factor. We need to enable them to make their own setups. The regulator can likewise deftly acknowledge mixes of openness assistants to make an interesting tasteful. I’m energized that the plan will be finished through cooperation with players as opposed to giving them a solitary structure factor.” said, So Morimoto, Creator, Sony Intelligent Diversion.


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