AIS reveals social media usage statistics for the year 2023 – TikTok wins 100% growth

Mr. Pratthana Leelapanang, CEO of General Clients, High level Data Administration Public Organization Restricted or AIS, uncovered that “2022 is the point at which the general circumstance gets back to business as usual. From the flare-up of Coronavirus, a better approach for living for Thai individuals and all over the planet has arisen that involves Computerized Innovation as the fundamental device in all perspectives. Both individual life, work and prepared to push ahead in the business This influences the information use of AIS clients. an increment of over 20%.

Also, for the finish of 2022, going on with the New Year 2023 period from 28 December 2022 – 1 January 2023, it was found that clients started to go in different regions. Particularly in the Upper east and the North, bringing about the general information utilization on 5G NSA expanding 648% higher than a year ago.

Concerning the utilization of OTT administrations , both by means of portable organizations AIS, AIS Wifi, AIS Fiber , it very well may be seen plainly that TikTok became by 100 percent, Facebook around 30%, LINE and YouTube became by around 10%.

Facebook is as yet the most utilized OTT Application, trailed by YouTube, LINE and TikTok , separately, with traffic expanding altogether from 6:00 p.m. on December 31, 2022 – time. 24.00 long periods of January 1, 2023

Moreover, it was found that the AIS PLAY application is as yet a channel that clients use to watch content while voyaging. since there is a use rate that is obviously higher than typical

Counting conduct that demonstrates the way that Individuals can adjust to living amidst Coronavirus, to be specific the pace of administration use. Global Wandering of clients voyaging abroad this year with more than 150,000, over two times a similar period last year.

by the readiness of the AIS and AIS Fiber networks that have been arranged to help ahead of time Can address the issues of clients well overall.


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