Fortnite Could Get back in the saddle on iOS in 2023: Awe-inspiring Games President

Fortnite Could Get back in the saddle on iOS in 2023: Awe-inspiring Games President

Awe-inspiring Games President Tim Sweeney has ignited hypothesis that the famous game Fortnite might get back to iOS in 2023. In a tweet commending the new year, Sweeney expressed “One year from now on iOS!” and incorporated a picture of a Fortnite character gazing toward firecrackers explaining the year 2023.

This has driven enthusiasts of the game to conjecture about a potential re-visitation of iOS after it was taken out from the Application Store in 2020 for disregarding stage rules.

In August 2020, Legendary Games remembered an immediate installment choice for Fortnite that skirted Apple’s in-application buying framework, disregarding Application Store rules and bringing about the expulsion of the game from the Application Store. The move ignited a fight in court between Legendary Games and Apple, with the iPhone producer at last restricting Fortnite from the Application Store and finding fault with Epic for disregarding its guidelines.

“Amazing Games made the awful stride of disregarding the Application Store rules that are applied similarly to each engineer and intended to protect the store for our clients. Thus their Fortnite application has been eliminated from the store,” Apple said beforehand, and Legendary Games “empowered a component in its application which was not checked on or endorsed by Apple.”

After Fortnite was eliminated from the Application Store in August 2020 for disregarding stage rules, Legendary Games recorded a claim against Apple.


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