Twitter adds new features Displays the number of views of each tweet for all users.

Twitter adds new highlights Shows the quantity of perspectives on each tweet for all clients.

Twitter delivers new highlights everyday. This time, an element shows the perspectives on each tweet very much like YouTube. to all Twitter clients

Elon Musk, President and proprietor of Twitter. Tweets around 11 pm on December 22, US time, implying that Twitter has delivered the perspectives on each tweet that is tweeted on the stage. so clients realize that What number of watchers truly does each tweet have?

Elon Musk contends that the perceivability of a solitary tweet is like that of a video on various stages. The perceivability of each tweet is something similar. The fact that it ought to be there makes likewise, it not unexpected.

Simultaneously, President of Twitter accepts that rising the perceivability of perspectives in each tweet that happens. will add energy In light of the fact that most of Twitter clients, in excess of 90%, have a comparable way of behaving: read however don’t answer, don’t remark back or like for public tweets.

A tweet where Elon Musk presents another component that has recently been delivered. Elon Musk ‘s tweets were perused by 32.3 million out of his 122.6 million devotees.

This new element of Twitter. Still a few clients can’t utilize it. Since it is another component, it is in the period of being continuously delivered. Which will show the outcome to see the quantity of perspectives on each tweet totally on the site and applications on iOS and Android cell phones.


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