Some iPhone 14 Pro users have revealed a horizontal green line issue.

Some iPhone 14 Star clients have uncovered a level green line issue.

In the informal community world , pictures from iPhone 14 Master and iPhone 14 Star Max clients have been uncovered that there are lines on the screen (Level Line) by the showcase in the iPhone, making it difficult to utilize.

Reddit clients have uncovered pictures of the iPhone 14 Star being used with yellow and green lines. which will streak and vanish for a couple of moments However there are beginning to be numerous to browse.

Apple Backing has informed clients that this is a bug with iOS 16, not the equipment. This issue has been happening since iOS 16.2, despite the fact that there have been a few reports of issues with iOS 16.

One Reddit client who uncovers to be an Apple engineer has uncovered that this issue is being fixed in light of the fact that it is a product issue, however during the testing of iOS 16.3 Public Beta variant, as well as fixing this issue, adding an adequate number of elements. ought to be more interesting to utilize.

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