Marshall Dispatches Gen 3 Home Bluetooth Speakers In India: Value, Highlights

Marshall Dispatches Gen 3 Home Bluetooth Speakers In India: Value, Highlights

Marshall has revived its Bluetooth speaker arrangement in India this week with the third-gen speakers sending off for buyers. You have Marshall Acton, Stanmore and Woburn premium remote speakers that convey the exemplary Marshall plan, and mark sound quality.


Marshall Acton Gen 3 speaker is evaluated at Rs 31,999 while the Stanmore and Woburn come for Rs 41,999 and Rs 59,999, separately. You can get them in dark, brown and cream variety choices in light of the models.


Every one of the three speakers have an alternate sound concentration and their sizes make it simple to differentiate them. Acton is the littlest of the three models, while the most-top notch adaptation is the Woburn, as the costs propose. Marshall has succeeded in top-end sound quality and these speakers proceed with that practice with an emphasis on present day highlights.

You have Bluetooth network and furthermore the choice to interface the Woburn to a TV through a HDMI port. Marshall has fostered its cell phone application which can be utilized to change the settings of the speaker, and furthermore change the adjuster in view of your necessities. You likewise get ordinary OTA refreshes from the organization to add new highlights to the speakers.

The organization has added a few new elements, for example, Situation Remuneration and Dynamic Clamor that hope to legitimize the Gen 3 label that these speakers come in the market at their cost range.

Marshall Acton III comes outfitted with a 30W intensifier, while Stanmore III and Woburn III pack 50W and 90W enhancers, separately. You have likewise double 15W amps for the tweeters.

You additionally have actual buttons to change the bass and high pitch levels of any track. The plan polish of the speakers makes them beautiful sight in your front room. The speakers’ are made of 70% reused plastic and vegetarian materials while the Marshall logo sits on the front.

At these costs, the Marshall speakers rival brands like Sony, Bose, Edifier and Sennheiser among others.

ဖိနပ်ဝယ်ဖို့ပိုက်ဆံမရှိပေမဲ့လည်း သူမရဲ့ကိုယ်ပိုင် ‘Nike’ ဖိနပ်လေးနဲ့ အပြေးပြိုင်ပွဲမှာ ရွေတံဆိပ် ၃ ခုအရယူနိုင်ခဲ့တဲ့ ကောင်မလေး

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