Garmin Harbinger 255 Music Audit: Past Reviving!

Garmin Harbinger 255 Music Audit: Past Reviving!

Igrew up embracing my adoration for watches and, all the more as of late, smartwatches. I recall the day I got the Casio F-91W, one of my first watches. I was entranced by it. I wore it to school each and every day. Afterward, I got into observes no doubt – from burning through the entirety of my reserve funds on a Rock Exemplary with its e-ink show to purchasing my most memorable Apple Watch with all out wellness following, things have definitely moved.

Be that as it may, having utilized numerous smartwatches, including Asus’ ZenWatch 2, Samsung Galaxys of the world and, surprisingly, the first-gen Fossil Q, one smartwatch brand generally evaded me – Garmin.

At the point when Garmin connected with me to audit its Harbinger 255 Music, I needed to say OK. I went into my audit period with a receptive outlook. I had found out about sprinters who depend on their Garmins however I had hardly any familiarity with the watch when I at first unpacked it. It was amazing to find that the Garmin Precursor 255 Music doesn’t include a touchscreen. Furthermore, frankly, becoming accustomed to the five-button route was awkward at first, however kid, oh rapture, I was in for a ride.


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