Vegetables, kitchen gardens, sales in the winter breeze 6,000-8,000 baht/month

Vegetables, kitchen gardens, deals in the colder time of year breeze 6,000-8,000 baht/month

At Boycott Khao Mai Kaew Natural Ranch, Khao Mai Kaew Sub-locale, Kabin Buri Region, Prachin Buri Territory, a notable region for developing vegetables in a 100 percent natural way, without compound composts, pesticides, there is a distinct promoting plan to sell items with a market. gathering produce available to be purchased in different places, for example, Kabinburi Emergency clinic Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Emergency clinic and the green market nearby after the chilly climate, the temperature decreased, causing vegetables, for example, pumpkins, cabbage, Chinese morning magnificence, kale, yard long beans, lettuce, salad, betel nuts to develop well. Vegetables can be cut and sold all over. day Conveyed all through the year particularly cabbage This set is developing and fit to be cut and sold before the new year. Boycott Khao Mai Kaeo Natural Agribusiness Place centers around 100 percent natural matter.

Also, can stand today, not costly Mr. Sunthorn Komkhai, top of the natural horticulture community, said Khao Mai Kaew Natural Agribusiness Place Ranchers have been converged into the natural cultivating bunch. Khao Mai Kaew Sub-locale There are 25 individuals altogether in the horticultural region, adding up to more than 500 rai, doing coordinated farming, including developing rice, vegetables, spices, natural product trees, maryjane, poultry, raising fish by region. Establishing more than 50 rai of vegetables in the kitchen garden, developing vegetables like pumpkin, water, cabbage, bok choy, Chinese morning magnificence, kale, lettuce, yard-long beans, winged beans, and so on.

Arranging a natural nursery, selling produce before the Boycott Khao Mai Kaew Natural Horticulture Place, one more part being offered to Kabinburi Clinic Chaophya Abhaibhubejhr Emergency clinic Kitchen Yet the helpful shop of Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Clinic And the manner in which Bangkok ships off lemon cultivates this colder time of year. might want to welcome individuals in the close by region If you have any desire to purchase and find 100 percent natural vegetables, you can decide to get them. Utilization at the Natural Agribusiness Place Boycott Khao Mai Kaew People group Endeavor Center The selling cost of cabbage is 40 baht for every kilogram, salad is 150 baht for each kilogram, kale is 50 baht for each kilogram, and Cantonese morning greatness lettuce can create pay for ranchers who are individuals from the producers on normal between 6,000 – 8,000 baht each month. months.

Keen on purchasing legitimate natural vegetables, if it’s not too much trouble, contact by means of phone number 081-895-7978 and add that The gathering’s natural agribusiness is acquiring prominence among buyers and ranchers due to its security and stable promoting plan. As of late, a gathering of ranchers who produce natural horticulture has been shaped as a restricted natural cultivating helpful in 14 sub-locale to serve creation – government assistance of ranchers And has been advanced in different regions, for example, agro-the travel industry. Make different local area items, for example, fish sauce, handled natural products, for example, handled bananas, wine, organic product juices, jams sold on the lookout, “Mr. Sunthorn at long last said.


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