Prawit set up a center to emphasize the plan to protect Phuket, accelerating drainage of Hat Yai city

Prawit set up a middle to underscore the arrangement to safeguard Phuket, speeding up waste of Cap Yai city

General Prawit Wongsuwan, Delegate State head Visited the region to review and screen the execution of the goals of the Essential Board of trustees for Advancement of Southern Boundary Territories (ECF) “City of the Ocean of the World” in Pattani Area. in the initial function of the crab incubator at the incubator Workforce of Science and Innovation Sovereign of Songkhla College Pattani Grounds alongside a visit to the Food Delicate Power Driving Display with Gourmet expert Chumpol under the idea of “Metropolitan City of Halal Food and Administrations to the World Market” prior to going to the Southern Boundary Regions Improvement Key Panel Meeting (OCC). No. 5/2022 at Sovereign of Songkhla College Pattani Grounds

Then, at that point, in the early evening, General Prawit Wongsuwan, Agent Top state leader As the overseer of the Public Water Organization (Public Water Organization), along with Mr. Boonsom Chonpitakwong Colleague Secretary-General of the Public Water Assets Office (ONWR) went to the gathering region to circle back to the flood anticipation plan in Phuket Territory , the water circumstance in the southern area. and taking care of seaside disintegration issues at Cap Sai Kaew Ocean side alongside conveying water the executives strategies to pertinent offices at the gathering room of the Phuket Air terminal Power and meet individuals at Wat Muang, Thepkrasattri Subdistrict, Thalang Locale, Phuket Area, separately

In such manner, the Delegate Head of the state has given strategies to important organizations nearby to plan for the weighty downpour circumstance in the southern district as requested to set up a front water the board place in the southern flood-inclined region in Surat Thani Territory. Therefore, it can forestall and relieve influences in numerous areas. Particularly Phuket, which is a traveler city.

In this manner, there is a need for water manageability to cover all areas for easy street of individuals and the general economy of the country. Which has accentuated that all organizations coordinate tasks by relegating the regions and applicable offices to rigorously follow the 13 blustery season measures alongside getting ready to help the dry spell season as per 10 measures simultaneously

particularly the capacity of water to be utilized however much as could be expected and appointed the ONWR to regulate, follow up and answer to the NWR at standard spans. Counting providing for the region Branch of Catastrophe Anticipation and Relief and neighborhood government associations Overview of flood inclined regions more than once overwhelmed regions Region inclined to rehashed dry season Report to the Common Water Assets Subcommittee and the watershed council to make arrangements for supportable arrangements Don’t allow individuals to be impacted

Simultaneously, he alloted the ONWR, Phuket Region, to mutually design the advancement of water assets Including the utilization of elective water to satisfy future water need. also, give the area Branch of Marine and Seaside Assets Speed up the issue of disintegration along Sai Kaew ocean side and immediately restore harmed sea shores


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