The ERC announces a new round of electricity tariff fixing for the period of January-April 2023

The Energy Administrative Commission (ERC) reported the Ft as per the goal of the Public Energy Strategy Committee (NEPC) that gave individuals the option to involve gas in the Bay of Thailand first, bringing about the Ft of private families at 93.43. satang per unit While different gatherings of power clients utilize the other gas, making the Ft esteem climb to 190.44 satang per unit in the power bill for the time of January-April ’23

Mr. Komkrit Tantravanich, Secretary-General of the ERC, as representative of the ERC, uncovered that the ERC meeting yesterday viewed as the Ft computation results proposed by the Power Producing Authority of Thailand (EGAT) as per the NEPC rules. Supported for the time of January-April 2023 for private power clients at the pace of 93.43 satang per unit. For different kinds of power clients at the pace of 190.44 satang per unit, the Ft estimation as indicated by the above rules. Subsequently, the typical power cost for family power clients is at a similar pace of 4.72 baht per unit, while different kinds of power clients will have a typical power cost of 5.69 baht per unit.

“The fundamental calculate influencing the Ft this round is the expense of imported fuel to make up for the reduction in flammable gas in the Bay of Thailand and petroleum gas in Myanmar as per the projection. The amount and cost of gaseous petrol for Ft estimation in the time of January-April 2023 and the weight of progressive reimbursement of Ft obligation of EGAT,” Mr. Komkrit said.

This thought is a consequence of the NEPC meeting on Nov. 25, 2022, a goal endorsing the petroleum gas the executives way to deal with diminish the weight on power bills during the Jan.- May energy cost emergency. Nov. 2023 by “apportioning flammable gas from the Bay of Thailand behind the gas division plant To be utilized in the development of power for private power clients in any case in a sum that doesn’t build the power levy trouble from the current ”

Hence, the NEPC alloted the ERC to compute the Ft for private houses. From the receipt for power charges Jan.- Apr. 23 and permitting PTT Public Organization Restricted (PTT) along with EGAT to deal with the effect of flammable gas costs on power bills by requesting that PTT charge the cost. petroleum gas to EGAT’s power plants, Free Power Makers (IPPs) and Little Power Makers (SPPs) at a similar cost level used to gauge power costs as per the Ft change recipe since the month that the NEPC had goal onwards And the distinction between the genuine flammable gas cost and the petroleum gas cost charged will be slowly gathered in the following Ft computation.

The ERC accordingly needs to change the estimation of the Ft for the long periods of January-April 2023 that has previously been heard to be in accordance with the previously mentioned goals, as follows:

1. Request that PTT overhaul petroleum gas cost gauges again to be in accordance with the NEPC goal and the Service of Energy’s rules for fuel the executives in power age, for example, (1) expanding the utilization of diesel and fuel oil to supplant imported LNG in accordance with in accordance with the circumstance of fuel costs on the planet market and the capacity to ship diesel fuel to drive plants; (2) increment gas supply in the Bay of Thailand for power age By diminishing how much gas in the Bay of Thailand to be shipped off the gas partition plant and sending it to produce power to supplant the gas from Myanmar that has diminished, (3) changing the supposition of import LNG Spot costs as per a superior pattern, and (4) starting Mae Moh Power Plant. fourth unit released on a case by case basis, and so forth.

The above activity brought about the pool gas value figure to be diminished from 552 baht for each million BTU to 493 baht for every million BTU. Afterward, it was determined by partitioning petroleum gas in the Bay of Thailand behind the division plant. to create power for the house to reside in first Makes homes ready to utilize gas at a cost of 238 baht for each million BTU. furthermore, designate the remainder of flammable gas in the Bay of Thailand, in addition to gas from the Association of Myanmar and LNG for different gas clients (the leftover pool gas) at a cost of 542 baht for each million BTU.

2. Request EGAT to change the fuel cost suppositions as per the Service of Energy’s fuel the executives approach for power age and the NEPC goal by recalculating the Ft by utilizing flammable gas from the Inlet of Thailand at a cost of 238 baht for each million Bt. You substitute gaseous petrol costs for the Ft charge in the private area. What’s more, utilize the leftover petroleum gas value (Pool Gas staying) at a cost of 542 baht for every million BTU in substitution of the first flammable gas cost for charging Ft for different sorts of power clients.

3. The ERC considers EGAT’s monetary weight and collected obligation weight to progressively reimburse the remarkable Ft obligation all together not to trouble EGAT’s liquidity issue and not cause a lot of weight to control buyers. In which EGAT proposes to average how much obligation as of August 2022 in how much 122,257 million baht on normal for quite some time.

ရိုးသားမှုနှင့်ဂုဏ်သိက္ခာရှိမှုအတွက် တန်ပြန် ဆုကိုလက်ခံရရှိသွားခဲ့တဲ့ အသက် ၇ နှစ်အရွယ် ကလေးမလေးတစ်ဦး

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