Twitter changes its policy Do not share the coordinates of other people. Claiming to be primarily for safety

Twitter keeps on being another application to watch out for as it’s new to Elon Musk. By this change is an It isn’t permitted to share the area of someone else continuously for the explanation that it might truly hurt that individual.

However, on the off chance that it’s an individual offer without help from anyone else Yet can not squeeze offer to tell others any longer. This issuance of the approach has prohibited the @ElonJet account, which is utilized to follow superstar planes like Elon Musk . @JeffBezosJet hasn’t been prohibited at this point.

This should be made sense of in tackling the issue of uncovering individual data or an individual’s area, or doxing has recently caused sick wishers like following big name vehicles and creating issues to drive in the manner. Forestalling the capacity to keep, making risk the individual being followed also The arrival of this component will make it safer later on.

၂ တန်းအရွယ်ကလေးငယ်တွေကို အဝတ်လျှော်တတ်အောင် ကျောင်းမှာတစ်ခါတည်းသင်ပြပေးခဲ့တဲ့ ဆရာမ

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