The NBTC dismantles the criteria to draw ‘private sectors’ to compete for ‘satellites’- 4 Jan ’23, know for sure who the real one knocks on the price!

After the bartering of satellite circles in Thailand once needed to crease the arrangement. as a result of the impediment of measures – setting the permit value which isn’t so alluring as it ought to be And around then, there was a protest from many gatherings that satellite closeout It shouldn’t occur on the grounds that the NBTC board (right now) just has a status as an acting board. The genuine NBTC has formally finished. As of late, the new NBTC board is pushing ahead with the primary guide of the sale of satellite circles. which set the offering date for the satellite circle on 8 January 2023

Open 6 organizations, purchase envelopes, concentrate on conditions

Lt. Gen. Thanaphan Raicharoen, Overseer of Broadcasting Undertakings TV business And the Public Media communications Commission (NBTC) uncovered that after the workplace of the NBTC, open to private people who are keen on offering for the option to get to satellite circles in a set (Bundle) by being shut. went on the 30th of Nov.

All in all, there are 6 privately owned businesses, comprising of 1. Mew Space and Advance Innovation Organization Restricted 2. Climb Capital Organization Restricted 3. Brief Specialized Administrations Organization Restricted 4. Public Media transmission Public Organization Restricted 5 .Space Tech Development Co., Ltd. (an auxiliary of Thaicom Plc.) and 6. The Success Telecom Co., Ltd. came to get determination records for offering for the option to get to satellite circle in Style set (Bundle) and consent to a non-divulgence arrangement letter (Non-revelation Understanding: NDA) at the Workplace of the NBTC.

For every one of the 6 organizations that purchased envelopes, as indicated by creden information , it was viewed that as.


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