Nanotech launches 3 new groups of ‘NanoQ’ to support products molded into the industrial market.

Nanotechnology Relationship of Thailand Giving NanoQ authentications for the year 2022 to 6 organizations that produce – sell items with nanotechnology. Is a part and dispatches 3 additional gatherings of NanoQ

is a middle of the road nanoproduct bunch (Halfway nanoproduct), assortment of nanoparticles (Nanoencapsulation) and unrefined components (Natural substances) desire to upgrade the item. fabricate believability and construct shopper certainty

This year, there are 6 organizations getting nano marks, an increment of 4 organizations from last year, planning to have up to 10 nano name beneficiaries in the following year . The second country on the planet to affirm items with nano marks

Wannee Chinsirikul, Leader of the Nanotechnology Relationship of Thailand, said that nanotechnology was delegated One of the advances driving the world later on. what’s more, is a significant innovation to advance supportable turn of events (Manageability Improvement Objectives (SDGs)) of the Assembled Countries.

The affiliation’s main goal is to ensure the nano mark known as Nano Q (NanoQ), a name that will fabricate certainty among both homegrown and global purchasers that an item utilizes nanotechnology, nanomaterials or nanostructured materials in the creation cycle. by the nanomaterials blended inside the item will be the components that make that item have explicit properties or have advanced from the first properties

The Nano name mark (NanoQ) will make validity. Furthermore, certainty to purchasers in the utilization of nano items that are fabricated from nano materials or made with nano innovation. in the interim It will make a norm for nano items, which will prompt supportable turn of events.

“In the beyond 2-3 years, the affiliation has been in conversations with industry associations in different Asian and ASEAN nations like Taiwan, Malaysia, Iran through the Asia Nano Gathering (ANF) undertaking to talk about nanoQ. Numerous nations have targets near Thailand. Furthermore, is currently creating to raise the degree of nano-marks to thailand be acknowledged and utilized all the more broadly, “said the leader of the Nanotechnology Relationship of.


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