Cabinet knocks on National Space Master Plan – Draft state communications satellite policy

Miss Ratchada Thanadirek, Appointee Representative for the Head of the state’s Office It was uncovered after the Bureau meeting (Bureau ) on December 13, 2022 that the Bureau endorsed the draft all-inclusive strategy. public space B.E. 2566-2580 (Public Space Ground breaking strategy 2023 – 2037) and endorses the standards for drafting public interchanges satellite approaches. to drive the public authority’s space strategy into concrete The

draft Public Space Ground breaking strategy 2023 – 2037 (Public Space End-all strategy 2023 – 2037) has a dream of “meaning to create and use space issues for success, security and maintainability” completing missions, for example, create and advance space security Create and advance the space economy and industry. innovative work of advancement and space innovation; checking, observation, examination and investigation of room

This draft of the Public Space Ground breaking strategy will drive under 8 procedures, comprising of

Procedure 1 Space Issues for Security
Procedure 2: Space Activities for Manageable Turn of events
Procedure 3 Space Economy Advancement
System 4 Administration of the nation’s space foundation
Procedure 5 Innovative work of room development
Procedure 6 Turn of events and strengthening of individuals
System 7 Improvement of participation with outside nations
System 8: Building an Instrument to Drive the Public Space Ground breaking strategy

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