iPhone 14 detects a car crash and sends an SOS to a relative

The send off of the iPhone 14 (iPhone 14) has added one intriguing exceptional element. vehicle crash location When this telephone is seriously dropped, it can convey a message to call a crisis number.

At the point when the iPhone 14Bounced from a fender bender
In numerous auto collisions, we will find cell phones falling on the scene. Be that as it may, assuming that the casualty’s telephone conveys a message to authorities or family members, it will help the casualty rapidly. furthermore, diminish startling misfortunes.

This movement location is accomplished by double cover detecting that compares 256 gravity and utilizations a high powerful reach gyrator. In this way ready to trap the serious auto accident tried for exactness to recognize just impacts as quickly as possibly

At the point when this power majeure happens, the iPhone 14 will call the nearby crisis number. or on the other hand crisis numbers set up Along with the utilization of the satellite SOS include, crisis messages can be sent even external the Web inclusion region.

The satellite Crisis SOS administration will at first be accessible in the US and Canada and will be free for a considerable length of time, with different locales to follow.

Other iPhone crisis calls
Likewise, crisis calls can be produced using iPhone 8 onwards with a press and hold order, or a five-press call by squeezing and holding the side button and the volume up or down button to settle on a crisis decision. The utilization is successful.


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