Apple’s Lightning technology is 10 years old, it’s likely to change to USB-C next year.

Lightning innovation, the charging link of numerous iPhone models, including the most recent iPhone 14 (iPhone 14). This innovation is as of now 10 years of age, just one year from now. Apple is probably going to change to USB-C.

Apple’s Lightning innovation appeared with the iPhone 5 out of 2012. Up to this point, Apple’s Lightning is 10 years of age, when Phil Schiller, head promoting official, when said Lightning was the state of the art association device for 10 years. page

Phil Schiller’s forceful declarations about Lightning innovation are consistent with what they’ve been reported, nonetheless, the chances of seeing Apple use Lightning for the iPhone 15 are slimmer .

The principal reason is on the grounds that Last June, the European Association declared the execution of the law. That puts the USB-C port as the focal norm for charging cell phones, tablets, earphones, and game control center. to other electronic gadgets By the fall of 2024

with such regulation It very well might be basic that Apple , which is planned to deliver the iPhone 15 in September 2023, needs to change to USB-C according to schedule.

Apple’s Lightning innovation was a major upside when it was presented quite a while back, since clients can connect their cell phones from one or the other side. Be that as it may, over the long run, USB-C has turned into a more well known port than Lightning, which is seen on Android cell phones and other electronic gadgets, for instance.

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