Apple Registers Dynamic Island Trademark in Jamaica for Confidentiality

Apple plans to maintain the new Powerful Island score mystery by deciding to enlist a brand name as distant as Jamaica. to leave well enough alone and keep each development

The send off of the iPhone 14 Ace at the Apple Occasion Far Out last year, Apple has changed the indent style from the first to the Powerful Island style while attempting to keep this component completely classified. so nobody knows about the forthcoming changes.

Bloomberg Journalist Imprint Gurman Tweet about the Powerful Island highlight curiously expressing that Apple has enrolled the Unique Island brand name in Jamaica. Since there are a few regulations that are not quite the same as different nations.

Gurman further made sense of that in Jamaica look for brand names recorded in that Those looking for data should go to the Brand name and Patent Office. which requires an outing to the Caribbean And more muddled than looking through effectively through the Web.

Apple petitioned for the Unique Island brand name on July 12, yet Apple hasn’t begun enrolling the brand name in Jamaica yet. In any case, Apple has been involving this technique for around 5-6 years.

Indeed, even previously, many organizations in the innovation world It utilizes a brand name enrollment process through the Shell organization, yet it tends to be looked without any problem. This should be visible on account of Apple documenting brand names for computer generated reality and expanded reality gadgets through an organization called Vivid Wellbeing Arrangements, LLC, or on account of brand names for macOS Yosemite, Enormous Sur and Monterey working frameworks utilizing Organization name Yosemite Exploration LLC, and so on.

မိုးကြီးရေလျှံနေပေမဲ့ အခက်တွေ့နေတဲ့ပြည်သူတွေအတွက်စဉ်းစားပြီး စျေးရောင်းမပျက်ခဲ့တဲ့အဘိုးအို

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