Watch out for how far the US Security Yield will take the gold cost .

Watch out for how far the US Security Yield will take the gold cost .

Gold cost investigation, Hua Seng Heng Gold Prospects Co., Ltd. revealed that the previous spot gold cost had a tight reach above $ 1,770 preceding bouncing back forcefully to $ 1,790 because of worries that the US economy was going to enter downturn A piece of which is reflected in the spread of US Depository yields extending until it hit a 41-year low of – 0.85%, suggesting a more extraordinary modified yield bend. Making even the dollar cash stay stable and keep up with its level However worries about the economy can significantly affect gold costs. The SPDR Gold Trust purchased 2.03 lots of gold from yesterday, making the asset’s net gold property 908.09 tons.

The US will deliver its normal week after week jobless cases of 230,000, up marginally from 225,000 the earlier week, with the general figure actually moderate.

Spot gold cost pattern expected to swing up By remaining over the 200-day EMA, it affirms the strength of the upturn. furthermore, that the 20-day EMA line rises forcefully It shows that transient purchasing pressure gets back to hypothesis. This causes the value heading to get an opportunity to break over 1,800 without any problem.

Gold cost on the planet market, support levels 1,780 and 1,770 bucks, obstruction levels 1,795 and 1,805 bucks, gold bullion cost 96.5%, support 29,350 and 29,200 baht, opposition 29,650 and 29,800 baht, GOLD Fates (GF10Z22) support 29,500 and 29,300 baht, opposition 29,700 and 29,780 baht. GOLD Internet based Prospects (GOZ22) Backing $1,770 and $1,760 Opposition $1,790 and $1,810

ကျောင်းသားတွေကို အွန်လိုင်းသင်တန်းအတွက် သုံးဖို့ iPad တစ်ယောက်တစ်လုံး ဝယ်ပေးခဲ့တဲ့ ချစ်စဖွယ် ဆရာမလေး

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