Today’s gold price, 10/12/65, the 1st time increased by 50 baht, making a decision to buy good gold

The Gold Exchange Affiliation reports that ” Gold Cost Today ” opens the morning market on Saturday, December 10, 2022 at 9:25 a.m., the first time, the gold cost expanded by 50 baht.

Gold cost today 10 December 2022, cost of gold trimmings and cost of gold bars
Cost of a gold bar: purchase 29,450.00 baht per baht, sell out 29,550.00 baht per baht

Cost of gold trimmings: purchasing cost 28,925.28 baht per baht weight, selling cost 30,050.00 baht per baht weight

Gold cost today 2 salung or 50 satang
2 salung gold bars, purchased for 14,725 baht, sold for 14,775 baht.

Gold trimmings 2 salung, purchased for 14,462.64 baht, sold for 15,025 baht.

gold cost today 1 salung
Gold bar 1 salung : purchasing for 7,362.5 baht, selling for 7,387.5 baht

Gold trimmings, 1 salung, purchased for 7,231.32 baht, sold for 7,512.5 baht.

Gold cost today 1/2 Salung (half Salung)
Gold bar 1/2 salung : purchase for 3,681.25 baht, sell out for 3,693.75 baht

Gold trimmings, 1/2 salung, purchased for 3,615.66 baht, sold for 3,756.25 baht.


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