The cabinet has given the green light to raise the price of school milk by 31 satang, spending an additional 301 million baht.

Mr. Anucha Burapachaisri Representative Secretary-General to the State head for Political Issues going about as representative for the Workplace of the Top state leader opened after the Bureau meeting today that The gathering endorsed an expansion in the normal cost for selling school milk. 31 satang for every pack and box, powerful from today, from 6.58 baht to 6.89 baht/sack, 7.82 baht to 8.13 baht per box, covering 6.79 million understudies.

The public authority is liable for all costs. This mid-cost increment came from an expansion in the price tag of crude cow milk from ranchers for an extra 1.50 baht from the first 19 baht to 20.50 baht after the expense cost expanded.

Nonetheless, this mid-cost increment will expand the spending plan by around 301,539,100 million baht.

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