Meta hand in hand with TAT. Inauguration of the project Rediscover Thailand Travel around Thailand through Augmented reality experience

Meta inseparably with TAT. Introduction of the undertaking Rediscover Thailand Travel around Thailand through Increased reality experience

Meta combines efforts with the Travel industry Backing of Thailand to introduce the Rediscover Thailand mission to advance the travel industry in every one of the 4 districts of Thailand as expanded reality.

Simon Milner, Meta’s VP of public approach for the Asia-Pacific locale, uncovered that Meta wants to make the up and coming age of innovation on the planet’s virtual entertainment, particularly the appearance of the Metaverse. ) that is unique in relation to the worldwide Web we are utilizing now is another experience where individuals can cooperate together

Simultaneously, the send off of the Rediscover Thailand project is viewed as a task in the way of Metaverse, which is a major undertaking that Meta is building, which Meta accepts can grow and open a lot more open doors, particularly in the modern area. The travel industry is connected with society, culture and economy

Then again, Mr. Yutthasak Suphasorn, Legislative head of the Travel industry Authority of Thailand (TAT), said that the spread of the Coronavirus infection has extraordinarily impacted the travel industry, bringing about the stagnation of the travel industry area in Thailand. There used to be upwards of 40 million vacationers every year, except it has dropped to just 400,000

Mr. Yutthasak proceeded to say that when the nation opens up to invite new vacationers, what the Travel industry Authority of Thailand believes is to change its reasoning from the first accentuation and advancement of conventional the travel industry to the need to add more to the issue of innovation by underscoring Economical the travel industry and computerized change by presenting AR, VR, Blockchain to achieve changes in imaginative the travel industry in a virtual reality where the travel industry is limitless, including Change the business area into a Movement Tech Organization, which ought to see a more clear picture from the Travel industry Authority of Thailand one year from now

While participation between TAT. furthermore, Meta is viewed as a fascinating collaboration, making esteem and updating the travel industry through the production of another travel industry biological system (New The travel industry Environment), particularly the acquaintance of present day innovation with assistance foster Thai the travel industry to High Esteem and Supportable The travel industry to invigorate interest for movement and expect to make significant and important travel encounters

In the travel industry objective segment through Expanded reality innovation, which shows the uniqueness of significant vacationer locations in Thailand, it will cover each of the 4 areas of Thailand, beginning from the northern locale in Chiang Mai Territory, by showing the engaging quality of northern food.

The Upper east locale presents the narrative of the legend of Phaya Than, the legend of Phaya Khankak, Shelter Bang Fai Celebration in Yasothon Territory and Apparition Takhon Celebration in Loei Region.

Afterward, in the center, there was a show of Wat Chaiyawattanaram, an old sanctuary from the late Ayutthaya period, and an exhibit of making silk roti, a well known pastry of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya territory.

ဆန်အိတ်ထဲ ပိုက်ဆံတွေ သိမ်းဆည်းထားခဲ့မိလို့ ပိုက်ဆံကောင်း တစ်ရွက်လေးတောင် မကျန်အကုန် ကြွက်ကိုက်ခံလိုက်ရပြီး ဝမ်းနည်းနေခဲ့တဲ့ ပိုင်ရှင်

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