Kanye West Ends Social Media Acquisition Parle

Kanye West Closures Web-based Entertainment Securing Parler

Kanye West, otherwise called “Ye,” is the new California legitimate name. The parlor buy arrangement has been ended.

In October, Kanye West or Ye gave a joint assertion with Parlor. After the two players agreed on the procurement. Parlor will be possessed by rapper Kanye West, however up to that point the procurement was ultimately dropped.

The declaration of the end of the exchange came from Parlor’s side. with the suspicion that The motivation behind why this arrangement needs to bomb From a meeting with Ye with hostile to Semitism Including regarding Adolf Hitler, previous head of the Nazi Party. Indeed, even in an explanation in favor of Parlor said that The fall of this arrangement happened in mid-November.

TechCrunch reports. Gotten an email request to a delegate of Parlor. Which got an interesting reaction that Ye and Parlor’s arrangement didn’t occur formally. In any case, it is a reminder of understanding between the two players in particular.

Ye reported his longing to claim Parlor in October 2022 after he was prohibited from Instagram and Twitter, in spite of the fact that Twitter later reestablished the record. Yet, the popular rapper demands purchasing Parlor. determined to make Traditional “opportunity of adage” in US legislative issues rather than standard stages like Twitter

Kanye West started to help all the more traditional thoughts. Yet, of late, Nye West has begun to discuss the Jews. to the mission “White Lives Matter” during Paris Design Week, until being dropped from business organizations with driving brands like Adidas and Balenciaga.


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