The European Union has voted in favor of using USB-C as a global standard for charging electronic devices by 2024.

The European Parliament has casted a ballot collectively on the side of ordering USB-C as the focal norm for charging electronic gadgets. Compelling toward the finish of 2024

The issue of laying out a focal norm for charging electronic gadgets. An issue individuals in the innovation business as well as the innovation business to focus particularly the European Association rules That needs to push for measures to oversee e-squander As of late, the European Parliament casted a ballot predominantly 602 votes to 13 on the side of USB-C as an impartial norm.

ventures after this When the committee is marked The mandate goes into force 20 days after the distribution of the EU diary, with individuals having a year to make changes, and afterward a year after the fact. It’s beginning to enter the required stage, so toward the finish of 2024, all cell phones, tablets, cameras, game control center and more sold in the EU should utilize USB-C.

From that point onward, throughout the spring This part applies to PCs.

Simultaneously, there is another sub-issue from USB-C, or at least, support for various sorts of quick charging. Later on, different quick charging paces will be implemented. Should be viable (Viable), even from various makers

from implementing USB-C as a focal norm in the European Association It didn’t raise a ruckus around town of Android cell phones however much numerous tablets (counting the iPad), yet it hit Macintosh ‘s iPhone the hardest . Since as of recently, Apple has not involved USB-C in a solitary iPhone. Apple utilizes a Lightning port that they created themselves.

One likely opportunities for utilizing USB-C on iPhones is the arrival of the iPhone 16 , which will be accessible in 2024.

With the EU spreading out a focal norm for USB-C charging, it has been surveyed that It will save purchasers a sum of 250 million euros each year and produce as much as 11 thousand tons of e-squander .

Strangely, it is from EU rules Has brought about 3 individuals from the US Place of Agents squeezing the US. continuing in the strides of Europe By implementing a focal norm for charging electronic gadgets too. This is viewed as the expanding influence of the significant changes in the European Association.

စားသောက်ဆိုင်သို့ လာစားသည့် အချိန်တိုင်းနွေးထွေးစွာကြိုဆိုပြီး ဧည့်ဝတ်ကျေခဲ့သည့် စားပွဲထိုးကောင်မလေးကို ဒေါ်လာ(၁)သန်းအမွေပေးလိုက်သည့် ဖောက်သည်အဖိုးအို

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