Nothing Ear (stick) TWS Tiny headphones With Straightforward Case Sent off: Value, Elements

Nothing Ear (stick) TWS Tiny headphones With Straightforward Case Sent off: Value, Elements

Nothing has sent off its third item in the market on Wednesday, and it is one more obvious remote sound system tiny headphones from the brand. The new Ear (stick) remote headphones accompanies a straightforward case that by and by grabs your attention for its uniqueness. You additionally have 12.6mm drivers prepared on the mini headphones and as long as 30 hours of playback time on offer.


Nothing Ear (stick) has been valued at Rs 8,499 in India. It will be accessible from November 17 onwards in the country. In the US, Nothing Ear (stick) will be accessible for $99.

NOTHING EAR (STICK) TWS Headphones Elements

Nothing Ear (stick) expands on the plan reason of the Ear (1) that came out the year before. Ear (stick) miniature headphones highlight a half-in ear featherlite plan which could cause a few fitting issues for certain individuals. Be that as it may, the organization guarantees the plan makes no think twice about the presentation, conveying strong valid sound.

It has been coordinated with a 12.6mm custom driver that ought to create quality sound result. You can utilize it with the Nothing Telephone (1), Android or even iOS gadget. The greatest ommission from the Ear (stick) is dynamic commotion scratch-off, and the absence of silicone bud could one more issue for some. It gets IP54 rating for residue and water safe. Nothing claims the radio wire has been updated to ensure you don’t confront consistent availability issues. The Ear (stick) gets three high-def mics which it claims it wind and group resistant.

Concerning the reinforcement, Nothing Ear (stick) guarantees 29 hours of all out reinforcement and the case conveys 2 hours of juice with 10 minutes of charging.


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