Eating vegan and getting too skinny how to gain weight

Concerns about vegans When eating vegan and then suddenly The weight was reduced too much to the point of being too thin. How to get back to normal weight?

Choosing to eat vegan Or eat only plants, vegetables and fruits, do not eat meat. There are different reasons for each person. Some people have difficulty digesting meat. Some people may want to lose weight. I want to be healthy because I believe that abstaining from meat especially red meat and lean meats will make the body healthier Or some people may want to refrain from encroaching on animals. This is what makes veganism different from vegetarianism.

Vegan VS Vegetarian

Many people have differentiated between vegetarianism and vegetarianism. Vegetarians will not eat spicy spices and vegetables. and do not eat meat and animal ingredients While there are both vegetarians and people who are completely greedy about meat. and people who can eat certain animal products or meat such as cow’s milk, eggs

But for Wigan may be called as “Pure vegetarian” because it is a group of people who do not eat meat. and does not eat condiments and other animal products (not cow’s milk and eggs). Vegan or Vegan consumer goods with natural ingredients as well.

Vegan can cause weight loss.

In people who want to eat vegan to lose weight It is possible if you choose to eat more fruits and vegetables. less cooking But in some people who do not intend to lose weight. wanting to eat vegan for other purposes, such as wanting to be healthier Indigestion of meat proteins, etc., a vegan diet where dietary diversity may be more limited than other types of food. or food that was normally eaten Including eating insufficient plant protein to meet the needs of the body as much as before eating protein from meat. It can cause unintentional weight loss.

Eating vegan and getting too skinny how to gain weight

1.add good fats

Some people go for annual health checks and may be told by doctors that they are too thin, too little fat. need to add fat But when you can’t eat fat from meat. Instead, add the good fats that are found in plants, such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil. Try to add these good fats to your meals on a regular basis. little by little You don’t have to eat a lot at one time, it’s better to eat small portions at each meal.

2.add plant protein

Another reason why many vegans lose weight is the loss of protein from meat. and eating protein from plants to replace insufficient Therefore, it is best to eat more plant-based proteins such as beans, tofu, quinoa, plant-based milks such as soy milk, almond milk, etc.

What is Quinoa? What’s more, 5 Magnificent Advantages That You Can only with significant effort Track down In Different Plants

3.Add snacks between main meals.

If you really want to gain weight It should be added to meals during the day as well. They may choose nuts, dried fruits, sweet potatoes as snacks during the day.

4.Exercise focuses on strengthening muscles.

you lose weight There is a high probability that in addition to fat is reduced. The muscles also disappeared. From eating protein to build muscle is not enough. And lack of exercise to strengthen muscles, so when eating protein has been added. You should also do weight training exercises that help strengthen your muscles.

Precautions for eating vegan

Vegans’ limited food choices can deprive the body of some of the nutrients that are missing from a variety of diets. In particular, completely abstaining from meat and animal products (such as eggs, cow’s milk) may cause the body to get vitamin B12, niacin, vitamin B2, vitamin D, calcium, iodine, selenium, or zinc.

In addition to having to choose to eat a variety of foods and in quantities that are sufficient to meet the needs of the body If there is a lack of any type of nutrients. You may consult your doctor for supplementation in some cases. However, natural nutrients are best for the body.

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