What It Takes To Make A Relationship Work And Last

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There is no trick really of maintaining a perfect relationship. There is no guidebook you can buy in a bookstore or an equation you can follow that can guide you how to make a relationship work. Some pairs last together for the rest of their lives. Whilst some do not. For those who turn out living together until they turn into their 60, there might be one definite explanation, one common denominator why these long lasting couples have stayed together for a very long time, they might have quarreled, yes, it’s all an important aspect of life, or may have considered about separating from time to time-but at the end of the day, what made them amend their situation and live in peaceful terms again?


Each day, as we go on to our daily lives, there may be hundreds of couples and lovers from the other end of the planet who have been quarreling, yelling at each other, throwing accusations at each other and at the end of the disagreement, there can only be two results: to reconciliate or to go to their separate ways.

You may even have similar difficulties too. And you continue asking yourself, if this sort of life goes on always, then would it be better to continue living in different ways? But hang on. Think first. Remember the time you had first met your partner or your bf or your gf? Think of the time you told yourself she could have been the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen and decided to woo her at the moment you saw the chance. Remember that moment and think about how you have been the happiest person in the planet when she said she feel the same way about you as well, or probably stronger, and you could still have the chance to recover your relationship.

You two can reconcile. The strength of the relationship is in these difficult times. When you still find the eagerness to make things work again amidst all the differences and problems you two have been equally undergoing, it’s how to make a relationship work. If you think there is no more better way than to separate, then break up. Tell her you will move out, you will pack your belongings and you will storm out of the room once you finish packing.

But wait. Yes, wait. Do not make a life-changing decision out of haste. All lovers faces rocky moments every day. But not all couple can make it through the coping period. And only few couples can successfully go back together again. You might remark you have by now given up on him. That you are tired with all his dishonesty, or his inconsideration to clean the clutter he and his buddies always scatters on your living area each Friday evening, or you just can’t plainly stand his antics anymore for a life with him right after four years have turn out to be too droning and dull.

Do you actually want to know how to make a relationship work? Do not make impulsive decisions. Do not permit bitterness conquer your thoughts. Hang on. Take a breathing space. The moment you have calm down, look at her eyes, and tell yourself, there can only be one woman who can look at you like that.


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