Top Tips for Making Your Company’s Trade Show Experience Less Stressful

Working the trade show arena can prove a stressful situation for even the most experienced live encounter marketer. With so many logistics to consider and successfully coordinate in order to make maximum impact with the crowd, executives can quickly find themselves (and their staff) completely overwhelmed. Rather than endure the anticipated stress, many business owners forego the trade show experience completely, opting instead to lead their team on other, less frazzling, promotional pursuits.



Working A Trade Show Delivers Significant Benefits And Advantages

If you’re currently considering working the live marketing circuit, but are concerned about stressing yourself out, along with your team, it’s important to keep a steady focus on the many significant benefits and advantages reaped at these functions. Engaging with your specific corporate demographic in person, delivering live product demonstrations to the crowd and sizing up the participating competition are just some of the many rewards yielded at any given function; to give up the trade show experience entirely can truly impact your bottom line and ultimately mean leaving major business opportunities on the showroom floor for your competition to snatch up in your absence.

Key Tips To Simplify Your Live Encounter Marketing Strategy With Wind Powered Booths

If you’re ready to reap all the rewards and opportunities presented at a trade show event without all the frustration and stress, it’s time to simplify your live encounter event strategy. Following these key tips can help keep you focused on some significant factors that, when simplified, can help de-stress the entire exhibition process for you.

When creating your marketing strategy always consider:

Your company trade show exhibit: First and foremost, it’s imperative to give careful thought and consideration to the booths, stands and exhibits that you’ll use during any live event. There’s a relatively new, but effective, option for business owners looking to successfully eliminate the stress of promotional events: Wind powered booths. These air inflated stands and exhibits offer all the sleek sophistication and eye-catching customization delivered by more traditional booths and then some. Touting easy to transport carrying cases, optimal configuration versatility and a straightforward and seamless setup process, wind powered booths can instantly reduce stress potential for entrepreneurs exhibiting in any sized arena.

Put together a schedule: Beyond choosing wind powered booths to represent your corporate brand, it’s imperative to always have a clearly outlined schedule for your employees before they arrive at the function itself. Trade shows are notoriously long and potentially exhausting; creating a schedule that outlines each employee’s hours on the floor can help them best prepare for their day and keep them refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the entire function.

Train your staff before your first event: This is especially relevant for businesses delving into the encounter marketing arena for the first time. However, no matter how experienced you believe your team to be, a little professional refresher on the specific nuances found on the showroom floor can’t hurt; in fact, taking the time to get your employees up on speed on how to effectively man your exhibits and successfully engage with the crowd can help your team stay calm and in control throughout the function, all while establishing your company as the formidable industry force that it is.

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