Reasons to Shop at an Organic Supermarket

Many people have been switching to organic food sources for their families because of the reported health benefits that they provide. Organic food can be distinguished from conventional food products because it does not make used of synthetic chemicals or hormones, which are often used in cattle farming, coffee farming, vegetable and fruit production.

Reasons For Going Organic

Health – One of the major reasons people have been switching to organic foods is the health benefit that is supposed to occur. Current/conventional food production uses lots of synthetic chemicals to enhance and protect vegetables, fruits and meats from natural diseases and pests. The problem is that is not much research done on how these chemicals affect our bodies after years of consuming them. Some people have speculated and are concerned that it may result in heightened chances of developing incurable diseases like cancer.

Environmental – Our ecosystem is a delicate balance of biological life. Each plant and animals species is interlinking and relies on each other for food sources. If one species of insect is wiped out because of repeatedly coming in contact with pesticides used in agriculture, then this will have a profound effect on other species of animal in the food chain.

Quality/Flavor – Most people choose to switch to organic food because the taste is supposed to be better. Organic food takes longer to produce and the food is often allowed to season properly before being harvested. Some believe that this extra time to ripen and the elimination of chemicals in production increase the overall taste of the product.

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