How to Sell Your Laptop in 4 Easy Steps

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It is growing more and more common for an individual to fall upon hard times and many of us are finding ourselves strapped for cash. Thankfully there is a quick and easy way to raise some money and that is to sell your old laptop for quick cash. There are a great number of websites online that will buy your second hand laptop for recycling or refurbishment even if it is damaged. Read on for more information on this great way to generate some cash and clear some space at the same time.


Ask for a quote for your old laptop

Most good sites that will buy your laptop will encourage you to fill out a simple online form that will gather information on the specification and condition necessary to determine the value of your laptop. This will generate a quote quickly and easily so you can see how much you will get if your specifications are accurate. You should also add in details of any damage at this stage so as to ensure the quote is accurate as most companies will deduct value for a damaged laptop and it is better to advise them of the state initially and honestly to ensure you get the amount you were expecting as quickly as possible.

Arrange collection

If you are happy with the amount offered by the company, after shopping around of course, then the next step is to consider how to get the laptop to the company. Most companies will offer to send a free courier to pick it up, all you need to do is choose a collection date and securely package the item. Some companies will invite you to post the laptop to them and send you a pre paid box with which to package the item.

Package your laptop

If your chosen company has asked you to package the laptop and send it to them it is important to do so securely as these companies won’t accept liability for any damaged inflicted through inappropriately packaged items. Any damage incurred in this fashion will reduce the original quote so it is extremely important to use plenty of packaging.

Receive your money

The laptop is quickly checked upon its arrival at the company’s workshops by one of their engineers and if the specification and condition were accurate, the money is transferred, usually by either same day bank transfer, same day PayPal or a cheque.


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