How to Make a New Friend Feel Welcome

We all want to have a friend with we can share meaningful conversations with and guide us throughout our lives. But, how do we get ourselves a friend? How do meet them and how do know that they are our friend? Making friends is a lot easier than what you expected it to be. All it takes is a little conversation and you already have a friend.


Find places where people are more likely to turn to for a conversation. They can either be a coffee shop or somewhere people just sit around and talk. These are the places where people come to just to strike a conversation and share meaningful conversations.

Always be ready to talk to people who also want to talk to you. A conversation is a two way process meaning you need someone to talk to and you listen while the other is talking. If you find yourself listening and not talking, you might as well find another with whom you can share ideas with.

When you are talking to someone and you hit a similarity, try to invite him over to your friends and let them share their experiences and interests with your new friend. This way, you open up a possibility of broadening your scope of friends.

When your new friend is inside your group, make sure that he feels welcomed and well-accommodated. Never alienate him from the group and never let him feel that he is the outsider.

For you to really connect with your new friend, make sure that you make nice little gestures of appreciation. This way, not only will you send an impression that you really want him as a friend but you are also appreciating him for being his friend.

Put everyone in a good mood when you and your friends are going out for the night. When everyone is in a good mood, chances are, you will be having a good time together.

Be genuinely true to people you talk to. The moment you begin to show signs of shadiness, people will immediately realize it and you begin to tread on dangerous waters of having an argument with someone.

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