Fitting Out Your Office Has Never Been Easier

Decorating the space of your choice is easy especially if you’re given free rein. But the task can take on nightmarish proportions if it’s an office and everything must be accomplished precisely.

A proper office fit-out can only be managed with the aid of a refurbishment company. Getting cubicles to size, cabinetry, and working with odd floor plans is not an easy feat and a professional touch can help greatly.

• The first step to a successful fit-out is to plan. Careful planning can eliminate many of the hassles of the wrong furniture and wrong layout which not only looks bad but delays office move-in. Once you have a clear idea of where things should be it’ll be a lot easier moving to the next few steps.

• The second stage is finding a great fit-out company, one that has plenty of experience and is noted for its sense of style. Remember that fitting an office is not only about functionality but appearance which matters greatly so don’t take it lightly.

• Once the outfitting company has been chosen, it’s time to speak with the staff and invite their opinions and suggestions especially those who’ve been working with you for years. Since they’re likelier to stick around, their views on where the best location for the IT department should be, for example, are valuable. Employee satisfaction is as important as productivity and one can’t survive without the other, as a matter of fact, so if the office is outfitted to achieve the most comfort, you’ll see immediate improvements.

• When planning, take into account future growth. Companies grow and if your office can’t handle more employees and more equipment there won’t be enough space for anything. You’ll then have to switch to a larger office and outfit the entire space all over again.

• Where aesthetics are concerned, there’s no set rule to interior decorating. A professional look is, however, needed as visiting clients will judge the company by how it presents itself. For décor, choose tasteful works of art in colours that complement the scheme of the office. Great lamp shades also serve as wall decorations and are an affordable option.

• Prioritise noise-reduction with the use of clever layouts. ‘Noisy’ departments like call centers should be located well away from more ‘somber’ processes like accounting and customer management. Noise-reducing curtains and blinds, meanwhile, can help filter out street noise to give employees more privacy and peace of mind.

• Set up a well-planned and well-stocked kitchen. Even if staff don’t work the graveyard shift they need to eat and a kitchen lets them do that. Provide wholesome refreshments at decent rates.

• Breakout areas or relaxation areas should separate workplaces. This gives easy access to comfort zones especially in times of stress.

• Design keeping ergonomics in mind. This will include office chairs with good lumbar support and height adjustable features, spacious desks that can accommodate every workplace essential, light that illuminates the areas where you work and using only lamps with the same temperature to prevent eye strain.

Office fit-outs, as is apparent, can literally change the way employees work. Productivity can see a significant spike with the right setup which is why so much emphasis is laid on planning a sound office design.


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