Finding Someone Who Shares Your Feet Obsession

Why is it so hard to find a someone who likes feet? I mean REALLY likes feet. It can be hard to find a partner for your foot fetish but don’t get frustrated. There are ways to find someone who shares your interest in feet and likes to be in charge. Let me explain.


True foot fetishists involves the worship of feet and may incorporate submissive and dominant roles between partners. It has become very popular recently. The games involve both punishment and reward for such foot play. Punishment can be severe, such as trampling or kicking. Rewards are in the area of kissing or sniffing of the feet. So, to find a foot fetish partner you need to look no further than your popular mainstream dating community. It’s all in how you present yourself. Done correctly, the foot fetish partners will start coming out of the woodwork.

First of all, stay away from the dating services marketed expressly for foot fetishists. Their fees are usually exorbitant. You can get what you need on the regular dating sites, take my word for it. They have millions of members compared to just a few thousands on fetish sites.Which odds would you take? So, just join whatever dating site looks good to you. Many even offer free trial members to new members.

You should take advantage of this. Once you join just make it clear in your membership profile what you’re looking for. Those looking for a fetish partner will respond all the others will just ignore you. You may want to do a search to find others like you. Type in such words as, feet, master, mistress or slave. This will likely bring up plenty of members who have an obsession with feet like you do.Give it some time and you’ll likely meet that special someone to kiss your feet. You may find more than one. That’s OK. Have fun, that’s what those sites are all about.



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