4 Keys to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

One of the fastest and easiest ways to grow awareness for a product or service is Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Pay-Per-Click has grown to be an essential part of advertising due to its ability to narrow down and directly target consumers who are interested in your product or service. In this article, we will identify to the 4 keys to effectively utilizing Pay-Per-Click advertising.



By using specificity in your keywords, you are able to narrow down your audience and reduce the amount of clicks from bad prospects. An easy mentality to use is “someone who is searching for this term, is searching for my product.” For the most part, longer more descriptive keywords are the most effective. For example, an Italian restaurant running a PPC campaign would more likely find better results from someone searching “Italian restaurant in Jacksonville Beach” rather than “Italian Restaurant.”

Landing Pages

Specificity is key for your landing page as it is for your Keyword. If your goal is to get your prospect to buy a specific product, direct them to the page that shows the specific product page, not just your home page. You want to present a call of action for buying the product, you do not want the prospect to be sidetracked or have to navigate his/her way through your website to find the product.

Monitor Your Results

It is important to monitor your PPC campaigns results and adapt to what works and what does not. The beauty of pay per click advertising is that the response and outcomes can be directly measured. As a successful business owner, you always want a positive return on your investment. Your conversion rate, the number of unique visitors divided by the number of sales, plays an important role in determining the value of a click to your site. By dividing your net profit per sale by your conversion rate, you can accurately determine the value per click to your website.


When deciding the price you want to bid on for a keyword, it may be useful to look at what your competitors are paying. Keywords are bided on like an auction; the highest bid wins the top spot on the page. If the bids on a choice keyword are too high, a little brainstorming combined with a keyword analysis will give you additional ideas for your PPC advertising, which may turn out to be just as effective.


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